Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown Discussion

President Trump recently has shut down the government over gridlock between him and congress regarding border wall funding for the US and Mexico Border. ( This article explains the situation more clearly.


How do you all think that this affects the current political climate and what other scenarios should have transpired before a government shut down should have happened? Do you think that a government shutdown was necessary? Leave your comments and let us have a conversation.



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Talking with Kids about Immigration and Diversity — Platform Number 4

About the Holiday Established in 2004, Celebrate Diversity Month encourages people to learn more about the world’s cultures and religions. Learning more about our global family and celebrating our differences and our similarities can lead to better relationships between people, more inclusion, and a happier future for the world’s children. W is for Welcome: A…

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Trump v. Hawaii — How much of a Ban is the Travel Ban?

The most recent conversation among legal professionals and non legal professionals has been the Travel Ban,  also known by its case,  Trump v. Hawaii.  In September of last year, President Trump issued Proclamation No. 9645, which sought to improve vetting procedures for foreign nationals that were traveling to the United States. Certain  countries raised concerns for the President that had inadequate procedures for screening or providing information on the foreign nationals.

Why was this worrisome for Department of Homeland Security and President Trump?

The fact that some countries (including the 7 countries included in the Travel Ban: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, and Venezuela) did not provide enough information about the background of the foreign nationals, or ways of clearing them before they entered the United States, raised concerns for the President on potential safety. After the President and Department of Homeland security gave the countries time to improve their ways of providing information on the foreign nationals, only Chad, according to the government, had made any improvements. Chad was then removed off of the list, and until the remaining countries make any improvements, travel to and from the United States will be affected for those countries.

How much of a Ban is the Travel Ban?

The “travel ban” affects each country differently, depending on their compliance with the United States standards for clearance. This process is called “vetting” — so until the countries on the list improve their “vetting” process, the ban will continue to be in effect.

Among the List, Which Countries are Most Affected?

Suspends Entry for Immigrants/Nonimmigrants:

Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Yemen (for business and tourist visas).

Suspends Entry for Immigrants:


Least Restricted on the Ban:

Venezuela, only suspends entry for government officials.



Trump v. Hawaii, 138 S. Ct. 2392 (2018).