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ILA will have an Immigrant Advocacy Station from November 18-23rd in solidarity with DACA recipients and Asylum Seekers. Together with the University of Detroit Mercy, we are sending prayers, words of hope, and our sincerest thoughts to those who are experiencing these hardships and who seek to make the United States their safe haven. There will be stories, drawings and stats (everyone loves math!) from personal experiences of DACA recipients and asylum-seekers. These are their stories.


The President & Vice President of ILA Volunteering at AILA’s Citizenship Day Clinic on Citizenship Day! We helped those who were filling out their N-400 application! We are consistently reminded of our passion for immigration law and our community.

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A GREAT SUCCESS! Our event with retired immigration judges, Hon. Carol King and Hon. Jeffrey Chase was wonderfully insightful. They discussed the current administrations effect on immigration in the United States. We discussed due process, the constitutionality of the changes in our system, and how to move forward in action. An additional BIG THANK YOU to all AILA attorneys who attended and provided further insightful information and to all of the Professors, law students, and attorneys who supported this event. Thank you to Dean Crocker for attending this event and for her continuous support.
Thank you to our faculty advisors: Professor Moore and Professor Vernon for helping orchestrate this event.

Another THANK YOU to HiLLSA @udmhillsa and it’s members as well as our Association’s President Elaria Essak for helping putting all of this together. This was a product of many people’s hard work and we are very thankful!



A BIG Thank you to everyone who came out to our event yesterday! It was an absolute success and Sister maria Magdalena (“Sister Magda”) was absolutely wonderful in discussing the humanitarian hardship of Central American immigrants. Please visit our website periodically to see how you can help those around you who are struggling in this circumstance. We will post signups and events for you to attend to reach out a helping hand to immigrants in need.


-ILA Team


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A BIG thank you to Abril Valdes, an Immigrants Rights Attorney working at ACLU of Michigan, for talking about her experience at UDM Law’s Dinner with a Lawyer series! It was both encouraging and enlightening to have a conversation with someone with so much experience in the field. We also had the opportunity to ask her how future family-based immigration lawyers can handle such an emotionally-demanding career. She gave us wonderful advice that as future lawyers, we ought to be be invested and dedicated to each case that we handle — which also means that we carry with us the emotional toll of our clients. However, immigration law is an opportunity to change, and potentially save, someone or some family’s life. These moments of winning their trust, and helping them regain their strength, gave her strength to continue. This advice allowed me and fellow President Elaria Essak to come to the realization that in many cases we are in the position of changing the world — one client, one family, and one case at a time.

Thank you again, Ms. Valdes, for helping us see the light in the future of immigration law.

We would also like to announce that we will be doing a panel with non-profit immigration lawyers in the upcoming months, with which Ms. Valdes might be joining us– Keep a look out on an announcement for that date!

Thank you,

ILA team.



You do not want to miss this!! It will be an informational session on the Immigration Law Clinic at UDM Law, with special guest the former Legal Director of the Southwest Immigrant and Refugee Center, Mr. Jonathan Contreras.

Snacks will be provided!

See you then!!

-ILA Team.



Meet the Board Members at the Student Org. Fair! From right to left: Elaria Essak, President), Irda Cela (Treasurer), Mohammad Beydoun (Secretary), Randa Asfar (Vice President). Fun fact: Between all four of us we speak 6 languages: Arabic (four dialects), Albanian, Greek, Spanish, French, and English.

Visit here periodically to check any upcoming events that the Immigration Law Association is hosting on campus!